Litigation Support/Discovery Manager

· San Francisco, California
Employment Type Full-Time

General Responsibilities

  • Manage the document review and production platform
    • Must have the ability to learn and navigate new systems and technologies
    • Ingest, organize, and review data
    • Prepare and implement document production processes
    • Track and implement ESI protocols and protective orders
    • Create and maintain reports and analytics for discovery processing, review, and production

  • Manage document reviewers
    • Train and onboard document reviewers, both in house and contract attorneys
    • Implement and oversee multi-tier review projects of varied lengths
    • Manage document review assignments and projects
    • Coordinate and respond to reviewer requests and provide feedback to reviewers
    • Design, effectuate, and oversee quality control processes

  • Support discovery
    • Assist in collecting and process client and party documents (electronic and hard copy)
    • Prepare for and conduct custodial interviews with clients and assist with client document searches for both digital and hardcopy documents
    • Draft, implement, and track client litigation holds and other data management practices
    • Draft, implement, and update internal document review protocols and projects
    • Organize, cull, and code documents prepared for particular review, written discovery, depositions, and other substantive case projects

Required Skills

  • Mastery of ESI tools and procedures, including:
    • Database management
    • Technology assisted review, predictive coding models, auto-coding, etc.
    • ESI and document review/hosting platforms
  • Project management skills, including:
    • Exceptional organization and time management
    • Ability to juggle and complete competing tasks, prioritize multiple assignments, and work with various individuals at once
    • Exceptional communication skills
    • Ability to train and incorporate/delegate to other team members
    • Demonstrated success managing teams


Bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of relevant experience. Law degree preferred but not required.

The ideal candidate will have experience managing electronic and hardcopy discovery, including the review and production of documents—both defensive and affirmative—in litigation. The ideal candidate will have experience working as part of a team of legal professionals, must be able to meet tight deadlines, and must be able to effectively communicate across a range of contacts, including attorneys, support staff, clients, opposing counsel, and contract attorneys.

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    San Francisco, California
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